Siberian Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar


Canaletto BRUNO is the Italian caviar par excellence.

It is a fresh caviar, from a cross-breeding of the Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii) and the Siberian one (Acipenser Baerii)

It is processed according to the traditional “Malossol” method, with little salt, a guarantee of quality and value.

The size of the egg varies between 2,5 and 2,8 mm and the colour ranges from pearl grey to hazel brown.

Available all year around.

BRUNO caviar has a particularly delicate and sweet flavor with a nutty aftertaste.

What does hybrid mean?

It is a caviar obtained by crossing two different species and combines the positive characteristics of both parents: an excellent quality of eggs with a nice range of colors but also a fast sexual maturity. As a matter of fact, these fish are mature after about 12 years.

Bruno Canaletto Caviar is a Bae x Nac hybrid (Baeri or Siberian sturgeon and Naccari or cobice sturgeon).

The Naccari sturgeon (also called Cobice or Adriatic) is endemic to the Adriatic Sea and the rivers of northern Italy.

A curiosity

It seems that Leonardo da Vinci in 1491 saw a sturgeon in the Ticino river and thought of gifting its precious eggs, with a delicious and rare taste, to Beatrice d’Este on the occasion of her marriage to Ludovico il Moro.

It is said that Leonardo offered the bride sturgeon caviar enclosed in a casket with precious stones and gems, exactly like a jewel.

Recommended recipe

Steak tartare, poached egg and Canaletto Caviar

Serves: 4


  • 600 gr of fillet or rump possibly cut with a knife or coarsely ground
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 eggs
  • White vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 4 tablespoons of Canaletto Caviar


Mix the meat with salt, pepper and oil and shape the mixture with the help of a food ring mold.

Prepare the poached egg: crack your egg into a bowl with boiling water (the heat should be low enough not to throw the egg around, but there should only be small bubbles rising), add a drop of vinegar (don’t add any salt as this may break up the egg white) and stir the water to create a gentle whirlpool to help the egg white wrap around the yolk. Tip the egg into the centre and cook it for 2 to 4 minutes wrapping it in the egg white or until the white is set. Gently remove it from the water with a slotted spoon.

Dry the egg with kitchen paper and finally place it on the meat tartare: before serving, place a generous spoonful of Canaletto Caviar on top of the egg and lemon zest just to decorate!

Now have a seat and… Enjoy your meal!

Recipes and photos by Chef Jonathan Trivellato

100% Italian Quality

Every single CANALETTO product seeks perfection in terms of quality thanks to 100% guaranteed and certified Italian production.

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