Sterlet Albino Sturgeon Caviar


The king among caviars, Canaletto ASSOLUTO caviar is an Almas (“diamond”) caviar extremely rare, absolutely the most precious.

Extracted from the very rare Starlet Albino Sturgeon (Ascipenser Ruthenus) whose colour reminds distinctly the colour of gold.

It is a medium-sized caviar and the egg diameter is between 2.5 and 3 mm.

Available only on demand.

Its flavor is sweet, very delicate and enriched with pleasant fruity nuances and an intense nutty taste.

Albino sturgeon caviar is a rarity that offers a unique flavor experience with its light grain embellished with elegant fruity notes.

A curiosity

Their white color is due to a genetic disorder that inhibits the production of melanin, which is why albino sturgeons live their entire lives in deep water and covered tanks to avoid exposure to sunlight.

The scarcity of albino sturgeons has made white caviar a delicacy especially dedicated to the Tsars and emperors.


Do you want to feel like a Tsar? Then bring on some ice-cold vodka. If you are more of an Emperor type then combine it with some vintage champagne.

100% Italian Quality

Every single CANALETTO product seeks perfection in terms of quality thanks to 100% guaranteed and certified Italian production.

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