About us

We have always been looking for uniqueness, perfection… what is beautiful and wholesome in every aspect of life. What is natural, pure, genuine, both in human relationships and in food.

What is more, among good and beautiful things, we favour excellent food that, once tasted and savored, is irresistible and difficult to replace. Nothing but the best satisfies you because you can recognize it instinctively…

The pursuit of excellence is a kind of art, and that is why we named our company Canaletto, after the famous eighteenth-century Italian painter Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as CANALETTO, who expressed in his paintings the timeless beauty of Venice…

A symbol of refinement and elegant Italian lifestyle, a universally recognized source of inspiration for those who seek nothing but the best in life.


We have decided to start our adventure with a niche product that only a few know: the Italian caviar! Italy is the first producer in Europe of farmed caviar and we immediately realized it was a unique product and since then we have looked for the best caviar available, because quality cannot be improvised!

Our caviar comes exclusively from sturgeons kept in tanks with resurgent water in one of the very few still unspoiled areas of Lombardy and the Venetian area. A “short” supply chain from fish breeding to the tinned product – where the fry are farmed with OGM-free fodder in pools of pure and crystal-clear water together with green energy produced through solar panels.

Then the respect for every single fish, one by one supervised over the years. The cutting-edge laboratory according to the requirements of the Italian law and the great expertise of the best Caviar Masters, curing caviar by hand according to the old traditional method called “Malossol” (a Russian word meaning “low salt”), which guarantees the purest and best-quality caviar.

A journey of taste and refinement

That is why we decided that CANALETTO Caviar must be available in the best restaurants all over the world and in the finest deli food shops that offer their most demanding customers only great delicacies.

This is just the beginning of a journey that will lead us to meet small producers of fine food all over Italy, land of excellences, in order to select for you only the best of the best.